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Welcome to, where we help you save money while buying the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend.  18 months ago, I was just like you, excited about the idea of marriage, but terrified about dropping thousands of $$$ on something I knew nothing about.

  • I couldn’t ask my girlfriend for advice, the proposal was supposed to be a surprise
  • I couldn’t ask my friends for advice, because they didn’t know anything
  • I couldn’t ask the jewler for advice, because I knew that their JOB was to sell me a more expensive ring.
I was stuck.  I bet you are too.  You’ve come to the right place.

A natural born researcher, I poured through books, interviewed ex-jewelers, secret shopped dozens of stores, and learned the secrets to buying the perfect ring.  What does perfect mean to me?  It means a ring your (soon to be) fiancee will love at a price you can afford.  I don’t care what the jewlers tell you is perfect.  I care about helping you.

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 I’ve teamed up with my wife to write the Secrets of the Diamond Industry: The guide to saving hundreds while buying the perfect engagement ring.  And we’re here for you.  We’ve got hundreds of articles of free content here on the site to help you, and if you’re really ready to save some dough go ahead and buy our guide.

I run the money parts of this site, focusing on the VALUE of the different components of the ring (where to splurge, and where to save!).  My wife steps in to help give you unequal (and sometimes scary) access into the female mind, so that you can figure out her size, what she wants, and how to propose without her suspecting a thing.

We recently put together our secret shopper’s matrix, which you can get for free by joining our mailing list in the box to your right.  Ever wonder Where to buy an engagement ring?  We secret shopped dozens of stores so that you wouldn’t have to!

Congratulations on the decision to commit!

Brent and Shy.




Brent and Shy are the authors of the ultimate guide for guys who want to save money while finding the perfect engagement ring for their girlfriend. houses hundreds of articles to help guys find THE ring. Checkout our archives, download our secret shopper report, and get ready to be engaged!